(a.k.a. Satins, Silks, Soft Cloth Passes, Stick On Badges, Sticky Passes and Stickies) are the go-to solution for quickly identifying guests or staff.  Originally designed for one-time use as vip passes, meet & greet badges, press passes and working crew credentials, sticky passes are saved by fans and collectors for life. 

Example of Holographic Display

Embossed Stickies™

OUR MOST POPULAR AND ECONOMICAL satin cloth alternative. Otto’s premium, custom material has the look and feel of rayon satin, but with far superior color matching. Best of all, OTTO’s Embossed Stickies are more eco-friendly and less expensive than our satin stick on passes. Our private brand stock is made with the Otto logo discreetly debossed into the surface as an anti-counterfeit measure.

Satin Stick On Badge

Unlike cheap, commercial rayon satin passes, OTTO’s Stick On Passes don’t fray and markers don’t run. With a slightly more aggressive adhesive, satin is a good choice for more humid situations.

We can hot stamp foil, die cut shapes and personalize dates or barcodes with outstanding results.

Example of Holographic Display

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